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What is the turnaround time on orders?

Orders can take between 2-4 weeks for a turnaround. Ideally I want it to be within a week but depending on what we have in stock, some products need to be made as ordered. As you may know, the products include a fusion process which takes 2 weeks minimum. We are extremely grateful for your patience and hope to quicken this process in the near future.

What is the process for returns & refunds?

Currently we only return orders that have been damaged or compromised during shipping. If you receive your order and it is broken or the packaging has been damaged, please message us immediately. Returns are not accepted but depending on the reason, we can send out a new product. We will always communicate clearly and help for any issues that arise.

How often do you do in person sales?

We do at least one in person pop up market a month and they are advertised on Instagram (@koupikobeauty). Products can also be found at two locations... the 44Atelier in Kāneʻohe above Kin Wah and XOPUA Aesthetics located above the Sunshine Arts Gallery in Kahaluʻu.

What is the policy for picking up orders made from the website?

There is a pick up option on the website! After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Soon after, you will receive an "order is ready " email and from there we will coordinate pick up. Pick up will be on the windward side of Oahu. We do ask that people who prefer picking up orders to become members on the website so there is a chat option to communicate.

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