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ka mole, ke ēwe

All thing aloha ʻāina

Kou Piko is meant to appreciate the connection between mind, body, and spirit while recognizing the importance of past, present, and future as indigenous peoples. Kou Piko began in 2017 and has flourished into a business that celebrates our pilina to what surrounds us. It is important to harness these connections and relationships to better align our piko while moving forward. 

Kou Piko is an all around ʻāina lifestyle brand that aids kānaka maoli in all that they do outdoors. We as kānaka have an apparent disconnect and disadvantage to accessing ʻāina as weʻre meant to be. All body products are safe to use without the worry of chemicals polluting our resources. They are laʻau inspired and plant based, normalizing herbal and sustainable medicine alternatives. All merchandise products are ethically crafted with a minimal carbon footprint while supporting kānaka artists. Everything created under Kou Piko helps you get out, about, and spend time with ʻāina like weʻre meant to. From blocking mosquitos, to keeping ʻai pono chilled in a lunch cooler. Eia nō ʻo Kou Piko

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