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Pūʻao Salve

This is one of our newer creations but it works wonders! It was carefully crafted to aid all things uterus and muscle relief. With a blend of infusions and essential oils, the Pūʻao salve help provide relief for cramping and pressure during waimaka lehua. It can also help during the later stages of pregnancy after 35 weeks. It was made to relax the uterus, boost circulation, alleviate hormones, manage stress, and overall feel good remedy. And it smells delicious!

Waimaka lehua can have a range of symptoms and while weʻre stuck in a world that's constantly moving forward, wahine don't get a chance to rest while they have. We endure cramping, nausea, muscle pain, fatigue, and not to mention a constant kahe from our kohe! While it wasnʻt crafted to eliminate everything completely, it will help ease the times where we have to be out and about while feeling all the yucky stuff.

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