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Kakiʻo Salve

Kakiʻo salve the first product I made outside of body scrubs. I crafted this recipe carefully for my 6mo daughter who was allergic to mosquitoes. We try to spend time outdoors as much as possible and so it was frustrating to have to choose between outdoor activities and bites, or staying inside. Eventually I decided I would dress her in long sleeves, pants, and a papale to cover her as much as possible. Mosquitoes are sneaky lil bugs so there were still bites here and there that would swell up and create kakiʻo. I deep dove into holistic solutions and made a gentle but effective recipe to help.

Kakiʻo is made with three main ingredients that target itchiness and swelling... ʻolena (turmeric), tea tree, and calendula. The calendula infuses with coconut oil for 2 months and melted down with the beeswax. Then we add in the tea tree oil and another infusion phase with the ʻolena. I ensure the best quality and texture before containerizing.

Thus far, Kakiʻo has received incredible feedback and has helped many with healing skin irritations. There are people who use it on bug bites like I initially intended, but Iʻve also learned that it helps an array of skin conditions. It aids with swelling and itchiness, along with flare ups and breakouts. It helps immensely with eczema and sores from cancer treatment. Many have reached out to say thanks for providing a gentle but effective relief to their sores while moisturizing skin.

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